Alkaleen Safety Liquid



Alkaleen Safety Liquid  

Corrosion Inhibitor & Rust Preventive


                   Item Code : RXSOL-20-2004-025

        Benefits :

  • Alkaleen Safety Liquid is  a mixture of emulsifiers, surfactants, corrosion inhibitors and rust preventives,
  • Being non caustic very gentle on hand & ideal for cleaning walls wood works, metal and other areas.
  • Prevents the corrosion of metal such as zinc, aluminum, copper, brass and tin.
  • Specialized for cargo tank cleaning and gas freeing of tanks.
  • Deodorizing nature and is not flammable.

        Packaging: 25.00 Ltr.

Tech Spec



  • RXSOL-20-2004-025 is designed to clean animal /vegetables oils, hydrocarbons,
  • Removes dirt, light carbonized grease, lube oil, heavy oils etc.
  • RXSOL-20-2004-025 is a high quality  product classified as a vegetable oil, animal oil, fat, fuel oil, lube oil and pet coke residues .
  • general remover/cleaner applied to cargo and storage tanks as well as to other systems.
  • Furthermore, it removes carbonaceous deposits
  • This powerful concentrated formula provides immediate and efficient results while it acts as an odor eliminator. 

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