Water treatment chemicals

Water Treatment Chemicals supplier in INDIA UAE OMAN KENYA
Our main valuable products for Water Treatment :
Type Name
Flocculant & Coagulant PAM/PAC/PAAS/PolyDADMAC /Ferric chloride/ Aluminum sulfate/Ferrous Sulfate
Corrosion inhibitors ATMP/HEDP/PBTC/HPAA / BTA/TTA/MBT-NA
Chelating agent Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid/ EDTA / Nitrilotriacetic acid/NTA / GLDA/MGDA
Disinfectant & bactericide TCCA/SDIC / DDBAC/CMIT MIT/DBNPA/Bronopol
Desiccant Silica gel/Calcium chloride / Bentonite dessicant/Activated clay
Snow Melting Calcium chloride / Sodium formate/Potassium formate

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