Very effective cleaner for sticky Oily and Greasy mess, Fully active cleaner specially formulated for the removal of tuff oily stains residues, with out the need for Scrubbing or Brushing which can cause mechanical damages to surface and result in poor performance. Field test have shown that this is very gentle with personnel and on metallic colour surface. Should always be used at full strength to obtain maximum benefits.

This heavy duty cleaner is a biodegradable degreaser (oil dispersant). It disperse and remove all types of oil, grease, wax, and stains, leaving the treated surface cleansed and back to original condition without any short or long term effects. And This cleaner is powerfull substitute of IPA, Methyl Ethyl Ketone , acetone, and other hazardous alcohol and solvents. This product have low evaporation rate and high solvency formula can significantly reduce overall solvent usage. It contains no water and it is 100% reactive proprietory blend.

Applications :






Tech Spec


  • Unique chemical formulation for cleaning of graffiti from smooth and rough surfaces
  • Non- toxic.Extends time between cleans.Safe to handle.Non-Corrosive.
  • Effective removal of Heavy DEPOSITS.Can be applied by all normal methods.
  • Formulated to be very cost effective.Does not contain chlorinated hydrocarbons.
  • Can be used on all metals & most painted surfaces.Environmentally friendly.100% Active.
  • Dries Completely.Does not require special feeding equipment for safe application.
  • Cleans and flushes painting instrument like spray guns, paint lines, mixing tanks, and general purpose paint jobs
  • Removes and cleans wax for surface preparation for paint, glue, and assembly applications
  • Very effective to remove sticky mess of LABEL ( After peeling off the Label ) Also very usefull for removal of vinyl graphics from boats, signs, trucks, and glass.Cleans and degreases a variety of parts, tools, and equipment
  • Removes soot, grease, oil, grime, and diesel fuel.Handles tough automotive and transportation cleaning jobs
  • Cleans toner, copier equipment, and machinery including printing presses
  • Clean heavy duty oily and tar deposits.Flushes and cleans polyesters, vinyl ester, and epoxy lines
  • Removes polyurethanes, varnishes, enamels, and UV curable coatings
  • Cleans and prepares material surfaces such as metals


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