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Enviro Oil Clean

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Enviro Degreaser Cleaner is most popular Engine room and deck cleaning and degreasing chemical,  Advance formulatory cleaner to dissolve oil grease deposits and spill parts effectively from the surfac [+] Read More...
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Short Description:
Very effective and suitable for loading washing machine and for manual wash . Formulated with with optical brightener to further brighten clothing, Softening agent and pleasant fragrance to ensure clothing are soft and fresh after rinsing and spin dry
Generic Name:
Degreasing and Deck Cleaning Chemicals
Enviro Oil Clean
Enviro Degreaser Cleaner is a versatile universal and all purpose cleaner which can be used for tank or general cleaning of engine and industrial working place. RXSOL-20-3001-025  may be used in a [+] Read More...
Using Procedure:
Application-METHOD (DoseRate)                                                                                                                                                                                 [+]
Excellent for use with pressure - washing equipment and for industrial application. It is suitable for srainless steel tanks having, epoxy / phenolic linings.
Technical Specifications:
A unique blend of emulsifier, penetrating agents and wetting agent make this an excellent liquid degreaser and cleansers. Very effective for the control of cleaning and degreasing.  All ingredients are biodegradable and safe to the persons handling it. Pleasant citrus odour. The scientifically advanced versatile cleaner can be used for tank or general cleaning.

RXSOL-20-3001-025 Also useful for Platform Mopping.


Environmentally  safe .

Highly effective Water-based degreaser.


Orange liquid

Ingredients are all biodegradable

Flash point:

(PMCC)°C: None

Non-flammable , Pleasant  citrus odour.



In g/cm3 at 15°C: 1.0

Highly  cost effective concentrated cleaner Very economical dilution rate, 1 to 15 parts of water.



No known effect

No known effect

Can be used as Accommodation cleaner for bulkheads, decks and toilets. Compatible  on most types of plastics and vinyls floor




, RXSOL-20-3001-025

           25 /  210 Lts


Versatile can be used for tank cleaning or general cleaning, RXSOL-20-3001-025 has numerous general marine cleaning & degreasing applications including the removal of greases, oil, sludge, polymer compounds, carbon deposits, general dirt and grime.Phase separation after cleaning, releasing the oil phase for reclamation. 

HANDLING  Handle with care.  Store in dry, cool and well ventilated environment.
Eye Contact  Avoid Eye Contact.  Otherwise, flush with plenty of water for a few minutes.  Seek medical attention.
Skin Contact  Avoid Skin contact.  Otherwise, wash contaminated area thoroughly with water.  Seek medical attention.
Inhalation  Do not breathe gas/vapors.  Otherwise, seek fresh air source at once. Seek medical attention. 
In case of insufficient ventilation, wear suitable respiratory equipment..
If Swallowed  Avoid ingestion.  Otherwise, consume considerable quantity of water. 
Do not induce vomiting.  Seek medical attention.

MANUAL DEGREASING: May be applied neat or diluted with water up to  1 part to 15 – 20 parts by using a cloth, brush or spray. After use as an engine room cleaner, bilge slops must be allowed to separate for at least 3 hrs before passing through an oily water separator.                           

TANK and BILGE CLEANING :  RXSOL-20-3001-025  is recommended for any of the standard tank cleaning methods including ship motion , pressure spray washing and recirculation method after mineral, animal, fish and vegetable oils.  

NOTE : FOR Hydrocarbon freeing after cleaning with hydrocarbon solvent cleaners like Sea cleaner ( RXSOL-20-2002 ), Tank cleen (RXSOL-20-2001 ) and OSD (RXSOL-17-1012)  etc .

Enviro Degreaser Cleaner is water soluble and non-flammable, Its higher concentration makes it economical to use and this make Enviro Degreaser Cleaner popular among SHIPPING INDUSTRIES. Also the non hazardous nature of Enviro Degreaser Cleaner makes it easy to use by personnel and non flammability of the product results in a safe environment at the workplace.

Enviro Degreaser Cleaner usefull to clean engine deck area, Tank Cleaning operation, Ship Hold Cleaning. As Enviro Degreaser Cleaner classified as a multipurpose marine cleaner.

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Enviro Oil Clean
Enviro Oil Clean
Enviro Oil Clean
Packing Size:
25.00 Ltr.
Available Packing Size:
Environment-friendly cleaner and Specialized product for degreasing and cleaning of ship deck engine and maintenance area. Enviro Degreaser Cleaner is one of the powerful Fatty Acid surfactant-based cleaners. And its all ingredient is selected to not harm the marine environment. Available in 20 / 25 / 35 / 50 / 210 Ltrs packing. Enviro Degreaser Cleaner is available for sale at a factory discounted price among ship chandler of UAE - India - Oman - Canada
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