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Our hands often touch a hundred of things in a day’s work. Grease, dirt and bacterial infection becomes a common feature then. It is during these times that the hands need squeaky clean treatment. But treating our precious skins to harsh and harmful chemicals is always a no. What one needs is a solution that can gently but effectively kill germs and make our hands completely clean. VOLC Cream Dip-n-Clean hand cream will remove all traces of stickiness which generally occurs after touching any oily, greasy substance or things like paint and resin.


VOLC Cream Dip-n-Clean (RXSOL-16-1001-500) hand cleaner has great uses in the households as well as in chemical and metal industries, shipping industry, oil fields, garage, and general machine shops and in Engineering & Transmission manufacturing industry. Its usage is very simple as compared to other caustic based detergents and petroleum products.


The VOLC Cream Dip-n-Clean, as the name suggests, is only needed in a small quantity of approx.2-5ml on your hands and then rubbed or massaged. Once nicely rubbed, hands need to be washed with plain water or simply wiped clean with a towel or a paper tissue. It is efficient enough to clean even the toughest grease, tar, ink, adhesives, paint, sealants and other soil stains. It can also be used to clean machine parts, stubborn carbon deposits, guns and hoses, paint sprayers etc. The time needed for stripping stain may vary depending upon the rigidity of the stain. So while the hands can be cleaned in minutes, some machinery cleaning may require a night’s time. Materials needed to be cleaned in the cleanser need to be dipped in the solution for efficient and effortless cleaning and removal of stains. The product can also be used to clean flush lines.


The VOLC Cream Dip-n-Clean hand cleaner is a mild milky white odourless cleaning agent composed of natural and high quality vegetable fats as active ingredients apart from gentle surfactants, powerful dispersing agents and moisturisers. It does not contain any harsh chemicals or preservatives. Being made of natural products, it is needed in a very small quantity and is massaged onto the soiled/greased skin. This makes it economical to use too. Since the product does not have any preservatives, it does not harmful effects nor does it discolour with time. It has a long shelf life and its product quality does not deteriorate with time, as may be the case with other hand cleaners. Also being made of natural active ingredients, it does not dry out or strip the skin of its natural body oil. Another advantage of using this product is its non-flammable in nature and does not contain methylene –chloride, or other caustic based substance. This makes it safe to be used by anybody without burning the skin or producing any kind of rashes. While it cleans effectively it also has a moisturising effect on the skin. It is a quick way to remove heavy greasy stains from hands without damage to the skin.


The VOLC Cream DIP-n-Clean is the mildest form of hand cleaner that one can get close to. It does not contain any chemical substances that might be the cause of any irritation, infection or any such skin problems. The only factor to be kept in mind while using VOLC Cream Dip-n-Clean hand cleaner to thoroughly wash and wipe hands once they have been treated with the product. Since the product contains surfactants and powerful dispersing agents, once used on hands, the product must be washed or wiped off gently yet firmly to remove its traces completely.


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