Effectively remove scalers with the help of Polymer Descaling Chemical

Scales are the most damaging thing that can happen to boilers / cooling towers, power plants, piping system, equipment etc. All types of small and large-scale industries face a number of water caused scaling problems. Scale formation interfere with the heat transfer which is not treated can lead to further overheating and eventually boiler rupture. To reduce the amount of scale and increase the plant capacity, it is essential to use a powerful descaling agent.

Polymer Descaling Chemical is a concentrated powerful cleaner that contains amphoteric components useful for dissolving hard water scale. It is both safe and effective way of removing scale deposits from all types of water heating and water cooling equipment. Its special formulation has been developed to rapidly remove mineral scale from the passages of the equipment, thus increasing the usable life of the clean equipment, lowering costs, decreasing down time, conserving energy and improving plant efficiency.

Scale formation often reduces thermal efficiency and brings about local corrosion in the water system owing to deposition of sludge and scale, particularly on heating surfaces. The depositions are mainly caused by impurities such as magnesium, calcium and silica that get deposited on the surface. Heating surfaces that encounter water are greatly affected by the deposits. Polymer Descaling Chemical is an effective way of removing scale without stopping the boiler operation. The amount of descaling chemical used would depend on the nature, composition and degree of the deposited scale. This chemical does not contain toxic cresols or other tar oils unlike other cheap descaling liquids that give out toxic fumes and vapour upon application. It has a suitable blend of powerful and effective descaling agents that remove scale and inhibit corrosion as well.


Application of Polymer Descaling Chemical increases the boiler/cooling system life in terms of heat transfer and water circulation. It removes chalking of pipes, prevents leakages, breakages and thereby prevents accidents. Its effective formulation prevents unwanted shutdown of your plant and reduces downtime, thus improving profitability. The formulation is available in liquid form in economical packs to suit every industry and prevent repurchase.


Though its application will depend upon the degree of scale formation, the company does provide usage instructions along with the product. General use and care instruction are always provided. A small dosage of the formulation diluted in water will effectively remove all scale formation. The application requires the formulation to be prepared in dilution with water, circulated or sprayed over the affected surface and to be left for a considerable amount of time. Once the time has elapsed, the surface needs to be washed with ample amount of fresh water to remove all residues. The treatment will not only remove hard scale deposits but will also inhibit the formation of new deposit if used in regular intervals. Consumers are urged to read the instruction carefully before use. Hough it is non-toxic in nature and does not contain any tar oils, any chemical handling calls for proper care and handling. Protective hand and facemask is necessary when handling any type of chemical. Always wear protective eye gear and prevent any contact with the chemical. If any accidental contact does occur, contact your health care provider immediately and take necessary steps.


These products are non toxic in nature and are safe to use and handle. If any product is even little harmful, it comes with proper caution and safety directions, keeping in mind the safety of the customers. The eco friendly ingredients are used while manufacturing, keeping in mind the safety and norms of Safe Environment. The delivery is prompt and safe and the products may even be delivered at your door steps. The Company believes in making a lifelong relation with the customers from the first sale. The transparency in the dealings and economically priced products has made them one of the top suppliers of chemicals.


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