Product Application

Rxsol Calcium Hypochlorite is a widely used chlorine compound that is highly effective against bacteria, algae, slime, fungi and other harmful and objectionable micro-organisms. Since calcium hypochlorite as a solution is a very efficient killer of virtually all bacteria, algae and other objectionable micro-organisms, it is used as a standard for comparison testing of other sanitizing chemicals. While calcium hypochlorite is used primarily to chlorinate swimming pool, spa and hot tub water, and to treat water supplies and sewage, it is also frequently used as a bleaching agent and sanitizer in industrial applications.

Rxsol Calcium Hypochlorite granules can be used for continuous chlorination or applied manually.Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Operators use calcium hypochlorite as a routine sanitizer to kill and prevent the growth of algae, bacteria, and other microorganisms. It is also widely used as a shock treatment to destroy organic contamination in pool water, thereby improving the water clarity. Strong calcium hypochlorite solutions serve as disinfectants for cleaning pool sides and bottoms, decks, diving boards, ladders, floats, locker and shower room floors and benches, sinks and toilets.

Municipal Water Treatment —

Municipalities use calcium hypochlorite in place of chlorine gas or liquid bleach to purify water. It is also effective for treating wells; sanitizing new water mains; controlling algae, especially sudden growths, in reservoirs, filters and other equipment; treating sewage and controlling odors.

Wastewater Treatment —
Calcium hypochlorite is used to treat wastewater effluents under controlled conditions by textile mills, paper mills, tanneries, food processing plants and more.

Other Applications —

Other uses for alcium hypochlorite include sanitizing food and beverage containers and production equipment in dairies, restaurants, hospitals and farms. Calcium hypochlorite also is used to control algae and slime in commercial and industrial cooling water systems.

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