Product Application

Natural Blue Biodegradable cleaner and Degreaser contains no hazardous solvents and can be  diluted with water to meet a wide range of industrial cleaning applications. 

Advance cleaing formulation makes it all purpose industrial cleaner, As we can define this product as follows :::

  • Composite cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Industrial cleaner
  • Multi-Metal cleaning chemicals
  • Steel cleaning compound
  • Engines degreaser
  • Motor cleaning chemicals
  • Mold cleaning chemicals
  • Valves degreaser as carbon deposite solublizer
  • Vehicle degreasing agent
  • Ashphalt softenr
  • Lubricants emulsifier
  • Foos Stain cleaner
  • Tar cleaner

And many more. Its scientific blend of cleaning component effectively loose all depositied grime and soiled, carbonecious deposits...