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Bentonite can be Broadely classified in 2 grades :

Granular: Granular is the preferred option for filling trenches where the conductor is covered with Bentonite and then water poured over and mixed in the trench.


Powder: Powder is the preferred method for pouring into bore holes to en-sure the mixture is of a thin enough consistency to reach the bottom of the bore hole. If diamond drilling is required for deep holes, possible 40m depths and deeper and the Bentonite is to be pumped through the core in to the hole, then powder would be the preferred option.


The greatest application of bentonite in industries is the result of its swelling property, while combine with water able to perform multitude jobs. The sodium bentonite having more water absorption capacity makes it suitable for industries like Foundry and Civil engineering application and the calcium bentonite absorb lesser than Sodium still it has some special application like cosmetics, paper, Animal feed binder as many more to describe. Swell Well Mine Chem drilling grade Bentonite is basically a sodium bentonite acquired naturally from the mines. The mineral is processed using the advanced chemical technology for drilling from ores. The below features highlights the quality of the Swell Well Mine Chem Drilling Bentonite, Offers impermeability, Provides high barrel yield. Bentonite is valued in foundry sand binding, drilling mud and sealing agent in civil engineering works, bentonite is used as a mud constituent for oil and water well drilling. Swell Chem Mine is offering Bentonite products for drilling industry. What is Drining Bentonite ? Drilling Bentonite is the Bentonite formed to be used in drilling mud or fluid.

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