Product Dose

May be used directly or diluted in the ratio of 1 part concentrate to 5 parts water, ( or 1 . Ratio of any solvent like diesel )

Manual Cleaning of the Candle Filter Elements

NOTE ::: Drained the automatic filter by automatic back-flushing (i.e. all filter chambers).
1 Then soak the filter element assembly, with the openings of the candle elements facing down in a suitable tank filled with RXSOL-16-1665-025 solvent.

2 The soaking time is completely depends on cleaning method :
a)In cold RXSOL-16-1665-025 cleaner the maximum soaking time is 24 hours.
b)In hot solution the maximum soaking time is 12 hours.

3. After soaking remove the whole filter element assembly from the tank and for dry to keep all parts on place it on a suitable perforated sheet metal.

4. Then you may blow compressed air through the candles from the inside to the outside.

5. After this procedure the complete filter element assembly should be immersed in fresh cleaner, with the candle element opening down-wards, and rinsed through with an up and down motion.

6 Allow the filter element assembly to drain again and dry it by blowing compressed air through it again from the inside to the outside. The manual cleaning procedure described here has produced adequate results (ca. 60 % clean) in similar applications.

Note : CLEANING of filter can be enhance with high pressure machine.


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