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When used as directed, Bio-Neutralizer dechlorination liquid shall provide an environmentally safe dose of sodium sulfite capable of neutralizing free and combined chlorine present in treated water, wastewater or process water. Research shows that high concentrations of sodium sulfite will degrade beneficial dissolved oxygen in receiving environments, producing  harmful effects on the ecosystem. Dechlorination liquid shall provide consistent reduction or elimination of residual chlorine without affecting water quality, dissolved oxygen or other discharge parameters. A unique combination of sustained release agents and sodium sulfite shall maintain a consistently uniform application rate regardless of flow, temperature or humidity. Dechlorination liquid shall generally lower chemical consumption and provide reliable reduction of chlorine residual in a more thorough, safe and economical manner than simple compressed sodium sulfite. Therefore, the use of other tablets of similar composition shall not be considered for this application.


1. Remove feed tube from dispenser housing.
2. Remove protective cap from feed tube; place cap in a clean, dry area.
3. Remove any tablet residue by gently tapping feed tube on concrete or stone surface. If liquid other than Bio-Neutralizer have been used, rinse tube and cap with fresh water until clean and allow to dry before proceeding.
4. Hold tube, slotted end up, at a 45° angle and slide Bio-Neutralizer dechlorination liquid into the tube, one tablet at a time.
5. Ensure that all tablets lie flat, on top of one another, in the feed tube.
6. Use your gloved hand to retain tablets inside the open end of the inverted tube while filling.
7. Carefully return tube to upright position.
8. Replace the cap securely.
9. Place tube back into housing, slotted end down.
10. Be sure feed tube is fully engaged and rests evenly on the floor of the housing.
11. If the tablet feeder incorporates multiple feed tubes, consult the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the correct number of tubes to be filled and their placement.

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