Product Notes

RXSOL - D.I. Water Maker Plant

DESCRIPTION : The RXSOL  DI  WATR MAKER PLANT have filter capacity of 250-900 Ltr per hour reinforced high pressure capacity cylinder which contain fully Amphotheric resin .In practice you have 3 distinct de-ionization technologies that may be used along or in combination with each other.

Three categories are membranes including nano filtration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO), Ion exchange (IX) and electro de-ionization (ED).  


RXSOL DI water plant contain following accessories:

• Glass fiber reinforced cylinder -2 No. with connector.
• PVC reinforced hose 2 No. with conductivity pen.
• Extra resin 80 Ltr. With funnel for refilling purpose.

Technical Details:-

• Glass fiber reinforced polyester reinforced filter bottles.
• Max recommended working pressure: 8bar (120psi).
• Max allowable conductivity: 750 / cm







  • Packing in one certified ply wood box.


  • 1195 x 795 x 795 mm.

Packed Weight:-

  • 135 Kg.