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Scale accumulation along the waterside of boilers and several other equipment will rob the equipment’s efficiency. This scale accumulation can be made of rust, calcium, limescale and many other mineral deposits. These unwanted insulators accrue from several factors, including but not limited to: Operating hours, feed water hardness, operating temperature and boiler treatment and maintenance. It is crucial that a preventative maintenance program be put in place utilizing RXSOL chemical descaler 

RXSOL chemical descaler is the safe, fast and effective tool for dissolving these deposits. An annual, or more frequently dependent on above factors, RXSOL chemical descaler cleaning will dissolve the calcium, limescale, rust, and other mineral deposits into solution without harming the metallurgy or components within your boiler. RXSOL chemical descaler is non-hazardous for the personnel who perform the cleaning and disposal is simple upon completion of the cleaning; as RXSOL chemical descaler is readily biodegradable.

RXSOL DESCALER contains specialty hard surface cleaners which cleans, descales and sanitizes appliances, leaving appliances sparkling clean. Lime scale can build up unseen inside appliances reducing their performance over time and ultimately even shortening their life. RXSOL descale is specially formulated to safely and effectively restore these appliances to their best. Regular use of RXSOL descale will keep appliances in optimum condition and prolong their life.

RXSOL descaler is a versatile chemical and is a multi use product and can be used to bring about several advances in the descaling procedure. The key features of RXSOL descaler are

1. Descaling formula

The unique formula of this chemical descales calcium carbonate deposits caused by hard water. Therefore, it helps to improve the functionality and durability of your appliances.

2. Cleanses completely

This descaler helps in completely cleaning the appliances by removing all accumulated dirt. This results in a sparkling finish. 

3.Versatile usage

This descale from RXSOL is truly a versatile product. One can use this same powder for various appliances. So one can forget the hassle of using different cleaning agents for different appliances.

4. Sanitizing formula

 Apart from cleansing and descaling appliances, this chemical also has a sanitizing effect. By virtue of which all the harmful germs and bacteria seize to thrive. This helps in removing such micro organism that have an adverse effect on health.

5. Biodegradable 

RXSOL is biodegradable in nature. Therefore the remnants of this product gets decomposed easily, without being a peril to the environment. 

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