How to clean Marine Boiler, After oil contamination?

Heavy Duty Cleaner

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Heavy Duty Oil Cleaner or Heavy Duty Cleaner Emulsifier is a low-foaming solvent emulsifier cleaner used for cleaning marine equipment that is seriously contaminated with fuel or lubricating oils.


Care Clean HD, SEA SHIELD HEAVY DUTY CLEANER 79104, Heavy Duty Oil Cleaner 25 Ltr

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Oily deposits in steam boilers are a result of oil contamination of the feed water. Most often, the source of the oil is some part of the condensate and return system. Fuel oil and cargo oils may contaminate the condensate via leaks in the oil heaters or tank heating coils. Lubricating oils may be picked up from steam driven machinery. Oil deposits can be removed from boilers, L.P. steam generators, etc., by circulating a 2-5% solution of Heavy Duty Cleaner (Emulsifier) through the equipment. Heavy Duty Cleaner (Emulsifier) should never be used as an on-line cleaner. All cleaning should be done off-line. For maximum cleaning efficiency, the cleaning mixture should be heated to 50° - 60°C (122° - 140° F) and maintained at this temperature during the cleaning operation. If adequate heat is not available, effective cleaning can be accomplished at temperatures as low as 25° C (77° F) using additional time. Carbonized oil or coke may require a two-step cleaning process using FOTTM fuel oil treatment followed by Heavy Duty Cleaner (Emulsifier)

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25.00 Ltr.
Heavy Duty Oil Cleaner is Marine equipment Cleaner that is seriously contaminated with fuel or lubricating oils. Also effectively clean oily contaminated Cooling and Boiler system.

Cleaning Procedure

  • Drain the Oily contaminated Cooling / Boiler system and refill with fresh water. With the engine stopped, circulate and heat until the water temperature reaches about 60° C (140° F).
  • Add 2% by volume (20 liters/metric ton) Heavy Duty Cleaner (Emulsifier) to the circulating water. Heavy Duty Oil Cleaner (Emulsifier) may be introduced by means of the chemical feed system or added to the expansion tank.
  • Circulate water through the system for a minimum of 4 hours.
  • After 4 Hours cool to normal draining temperatures. Drain the system and refill with warm water to prevent thermal shock. Recirculate for 1-2 hours. No heating is required during this circulation period. Be sure to overflow the system through the expansion tank to the bilge.
  • Drain the cooling water system and wherever possible, inspect the interior. If the system is not completely free of oil, repeat the above procedure.

If medium to heavy rust is present, it can be removed by using treatment or a solution of RXSOL SAFE ACID / DESCALEX POWDER and rock salt. If any sacrificial anodes are present in the system, they must be removed prior to cleaning. After cleaning, the anodes can be replaced.



Splits after cleaning, releasing the oil phase for reclamation. Powerful Emulsifier with quick penetration and good emulsifying properties. The emulsifying agents in this product are biological degradable. Rapid rinsing, leaves clean and oil-free surfaces.


Heavy Duty Cleaner for MArine Boiler and Cooling system is available in 25, 210 Ltr Drum.
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