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Odor Control

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Odor Remover - Odor Neutralizer Odor Control manufacturer and supplier. RXSOL Odor Eliminator was developed to absorb for the strong acid odours, mainly Hydrogen Sulphide, Methyl Mercaptan and other [+] Read More...
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Vaportek Odor Neutralizer original classic neutral scent, Hydrex 6895, Odor Eliminator

Short Description:
RXSOL Odor Eliminator was developed to absorb for the strong acid odours, mainly Hydrogen Sulphide, Methyl Mercaptan and other gases, associated with sewage and fatty wastes.
Generic Name:
Odor Eliminator
Active Matter:
Odor Control
RXSOL Odor Eliminator is also used in industries where hydrocarbon odours are a problem. Specifically, odorous compounds such as Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl benzene, Xylene, Naphthalene, and PAH’s (Polyc [+] Read More...
Using Procedure:
RXSOL Odor Eliminator  can be applied by using one of the following methods to control odour.
Our valuable Swimming pool chemicals.... Dry Acid Chlorine Tablet  Tica Tablet trichloro isocynuric  Food grade anti-scalant  Food grade Chlrone Granual or Tablet Hiclon /Aquafit chlora Food gr [+] Read More...
Technical Specifications:

RXSOL Odor Eliminator is different to nearly all other odour neutralisers or masking agents. The difference lies in the product makeup: nearly every product in the market is a blend of essential oils or plant extracts combined with a standard surfactant while RXSOL Odor Eliminator is made of food and cosmetic grade compounds and contain only 1% essential oils or plant extracts (by total volume of concentrate). Basic chemistry proves all essential oil and plant extract based products cannot truly neutralise odours; they can only mask them or encapsulate them for a period before releasing them again. Essential oils and plant extracts cannot bind to, and react with, a compound such as H2S and change the structure of that volatile compound into a non-volatile compound.


1) Fogging System 2) Vapour Phase System 3) Direct Dosing into liquid

It is worth explaining, that, unlike masking agents,RXSOL Odor Eliminator does not blow away in the wind. Being positively charged, it will seek out target molecules and bond to them resulting in a chemical reaction forming a non-volitile organic salt. If a RXSOL Odor Eliminator molecule does not find a target, it will attach itself to a negatively charged surface and wait for an odorous molecule. As with all gases, the odorous molecules are constantly moving and, given time, will come into contact with a  RXSOL Odor Eliminator molecule and be destroyed.

Fogging System:

Fogging systems spraying RXSOL Odor Eliminator  are used when odour is from open-air sources.RXSOL Odor Eliminator is sprayed on an interval basis depending on odour type and strength. An example of this is running the system for 30 seconds ON and 2 minutes OFF.

Some examples of facilities where fogging systems can be used:

  • Waste Water/Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Refuse Transfer Stations
  • Steel Manufacturing Slag Beds
  • Contaminated Soil Remediation
  • Pig Farms
  • Sludge Lagoons

Fogging systems spraying RXSOL Odor Eliminator  is also used in indoor facilities. Some examples are:

  • Sewage Pumping Stations
  • Slurry Pits

Vapour Phase Systems :

Vapour phase systems delivering  RXSOL Odor Eliminator is used when odour is from ducted, or confined, air sources. This type of application is designed to inject the vapour into a continuous flow air stream that is part of an exhaust or extraction process. These types of systems are delivering vapour into the air stream continuously. Some examples of these types of problems are:

  • Manufacturing Process Exhaust Airflow
  • Sewage Plant Air Extraction
  • Sewage Pumping Stations
  • ANY air emissions vented to atmosphere

Direct Dosing:

RXSOL Odor Eliminator  is exceptionally effective in capturing its target in a liquid solution. Liquid solutions only produce odours when they reach a point where cavitation occurs, say at the end of the pipe or weir. Odour is produced as a result of the reduction in water pressure and the odorous gases are stripped out of solution.

This method of application is ideal for waste treatment plants, animal and fish processing plants, and pig and chicken farms, which have wash down systems where waste water is collected and stored in a settlement pond system or holding tanks.

RXSOL Odor Eliminator  molecules will attach to the odorous compounds to remove toxins from the water and, over about seven days, will spread through the whole anaerobic/facultative/aerobic pond system to remove odours. This action chemically bonds (valency bond) to the odorous compound to form a non-toxic, non-odorous organic salt. Bacteria will then break down this salt. As a result, there is no increase in BOD, and no regeneration of foul odours.

RXSOL Odor Eliminator can best be thought of as a detoxifying catalyst that beneficially affects the pond ecology. It is extremely powerful.

RXSOL Odor Eliminator , which is not required to destroy toxic odorous compounds, will continue in the stream and neutralise any air that is stripped from the stream due to water turbulence at the treatment station or ponds.

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Odor Control
Packing Size:
220.00 Ltr.
Available Packing Size:
RXSOL Odor Eliminator was developed to absorb strong acid odors, mainly Hydrogen Sulphide, Methyl Mercaptan, and other gases, associated with sewage and fatty wastes. Available in 25, 50 and 220 Kg
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