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STICK N SOL - Removing Label

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REMOVING LABEL ::: very effective to remove sticky mess of LABEL ( After peeling off the Label ) Also very usefull for removal of vinyl graphics from boats, signs, trucks, and glass, Cleans and removes [+] Read More...
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Sticky Out, Goo Gone

Short Description:
Fully active cleaner specially formulated for the removal of “STICKER” & tuff oily stains residues. Sticker removed and cleaning is actived with out the need for Scrubbing or Brushing which can cause mechanical damages to discs and result in poor perfor
Generic Name:
Sticker Remover Gum Dissolver
STICK N SOL - Removing Label
Product Uses:-STICK-N-SOL “RXSOL-15-1017”  is a fully active cleaner specially formulated  for the removal of “STICKER” & tuff oily stains residues. Sticker removed and cleaning is actived with out the [+] Read More...
Using Procedure:
Cleaning time  will vary depending on the extract nature and thickness of deposit  to be removal. Stubborn deposits should be scrubbed to assist the cleaning operation. Your local Rx CLEANSERS representative will work with you to design the optimum  concentration & procedure for your system.
Characteristics:-  Unique chemical formulation. Non- toxic. Extends time between cleans. Safe to handle. Effective removal of STICKER/CARBON DEPOSITS. Can be applied by all normal met [+] Read More...
Technical Specifications:

Product Properties:-

Product Name 

STICNSOL (Wetting  EmulsifyingAgent )

Active Matter                    






Emulsifying Property       

Good for emulsification of Oils , Gum , Wax, Greases , Polymer & Solvents , TETRA CHLOROETHYLENE ( PC )


Wetting Property        

Good Wetting & Emulsifying Property


Ionic Nature                     




Pale Yellow



Clear liquid



Pine based



0.5 % (max)



In g/cm3 at 15°C: 0.89


Flash Point

(PMCC)°C: Above 63






No known effect



May swell


Synthetic rubber

May swell



Order No

Size (in litres)



 5,25 , 35


Safety And Handling:- “RXSOL-15-1017” is completely safe to handle, being non-toxic & non corrosive.As with all chemicals general safety and handling procedures apply.Avoid contact with eyes as irritation may occur. Do not take internally in case of contact with eyes, flush eyes immediately and cupiously with clean running  water for 15- minutes and seek medical attention.

Also suitable for cleaning for PU , VINAYLE, NITROCELLULOSE & POLYAMIDE based inks. And easily dissolves spillage of inks on surface.

STICK N SOL - Removing Label
STICK N SOL - Removing Label
Packing Size:
25.00 Ltr.

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