Mechanical cleaning Scrubbing and Brushing can damage discs, which results in poor performance?

Mechanical cleaning ( Scrubbing and Brushing ) damage to discs which results in poor performance. Characteristics:- Formulated to remove heavy tenacious deposits. Allows cleaning of discs without dismantling of disc stacks. Reduces downtime. Improves efficiency of centrifuge installation. Cleans down to metal surfaces. Cleans all types of separator discs


Powerfull cleaner for stainless steel separator & purifier Discs . RXSOL-16-1007-025 is an extremely effective for removal of carbonaceous deposits and SALT DEPOSITION ( Salts of Calcium Carbonate etc. ) burnt grease , carbon deposit , oily residues and lacquers found in fuel oil and lube oil purifiers filters and fuel oil separators.

RXSOL-16-1007-025 is a liquid blend of organic solvent with heavy duty & concentrated emulsifying agents.


Contaminants found on separator discs mostly consist of hardness salts (calcium carbonate etc.) and partly carbonized oil. The combination of dissolving agents, acids and surface active agents makes it possible to clean the separator discs quickly without brushing.

PURIFIER DISC CLEANER is a concentrated liquid mixture especially designed to remove heavy tenacious deposits which collect in fuel and lube oil centrifugal separators

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