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Bentonite Soil Conditioning Agent

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Bentonite Supplier for Oil Field Industries. Moisture retaining clay. Bentonite is used as a backfill to reduce soil resistivity. When mixed with water, it swells to several times its dry volume. The [+] Read More...
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Bentonite Powder Electrical Earthing Agent

Short Description:
Soil Conditioning Electrical Earthing Agent Bentonite Exporter Supplier
Bentonite Soil Conditioning Agent
• It is Viscosifier and Filtration control agent for water based Mud Systems. • It is used in drilling muds for controlling bore hole stability. It is utilized in drilling muds to extract drill cuttings from the bit. • It is also used for clearing cat litter
Using Procedure:
Bentonite can be Broadely classified in 2 grades :   Granular: Granular is the preferred option for filling trenches where the conductor is covered with Bentonite and then water poured over and mixed in [+] Read More...
Advantage • It helps improve hole cleaning capacities of drilling fluids. • It is effective as a filtering agent. • It promotes borehole stability. • It can be added directly to fresh water or fresh water based drilling fluids.
Technical Specifications:


Physical State

:Free Flowing Powder

Viscometer Dial reading at 600 r/min

: Min 30

Yield Point/Plastic Viscosity Ratio

: Max 3

Residue of diameter greater than 75um

: Max mass friction 4,0%

Filtrate Volume

: Max 15.0 Cm3


: 10% wt percent max

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Bentonite Soil Conditioning Agent
Bentonite Soil Conditioning Agent
Packing Size:
50.00 Kg.(PWD)
Available Packing Size:
50 Kgs, 1000 Kgs Jumbog Bag, 1500 Kgs Jumbo Bag
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