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D'limonene Degreaser Premium Quality CITROSOLV

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This  powerful D'limonene based cleaner  biodegradable citrus cleaner that is environmentally safe and VOC compliant. Degreaser  works  where  others fail heavy-duty liquid cleaner, This product is   [+] Read More...
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Degreaser Conc. Citrus Detergent

Short Description:
VOC compliant. PREMIUM QUALITY degreaser works where others fail. Formulated with several different ingredients including nature's own natural citrus solvent.This formula works on extremely tough jobs that require extra strength. Concentrated, this citrus soap may be
Active Matter:
78-82 %
D'limonene Degreaser Premium Quality CITROSOLV
Standard Dilution / Mixing Recommendation: Mix 250 ml . of  RXSOL-10-1713-025 concentrate in a 4 Ltr of water ( while for normal uses may be diluted with up to 200 parts water ) . Heavily grease-caked [+] Read More...
Using Procedure:
TYPICAL USES RXSOL-10-1713-025 removes uncured epoxy and curing compounds from tools and equipment. It can be used to clean sealers , grease, oil and other contaminants from affected surfaces. RXSOL-10-1713 [+] Read More...
ADVANTAGES • Environmentally safe. Can be used in areas where other degreasing products may not be allowed, such as restaurants, hospitals, etc. • Non-offensive orange fragrance. • Non-toxic. • User friendly.
Technical Specifications:

Color                                                        Clear
Fragrance                                               Orange
Coverage per gallon                            150 sq. ft.
Film                                                         None
Phosphate                                             Free
Biodegradable                                      Yes
VOC Compliant                                     Yes

Light soil  

1 to 150 parts water

Medium soil

1 to 40 parts water

Heavy soil 1 to 40 parts water
Painted garage floors 1 to 10 parts water

Oil stained un-coated 

concrete floors 1 to 5 parts water
Kitchens floors 1 to 8 parts water
Windows or mirrors 1 to 200 parts water
Equipment 1 to 10 parts water
Swimming pools 1 to 8 parts water
White side wall tires 1 to 5 parts water
Greasy asphalt 1 to 8 parts wate


Works great for hand operations, automatic scrubbers or pressure washers.

No harmful vapors or toxic solvents, Works well in hot, cold, hard or soft water. Non-flammable, Non-corrosive, Biodegradable

 Orange deodorant cleaner contains superior grease and soil penetrating qualities that allow this citrus degreaser / cleaner to be used in many ways.ORANGE DEODORANT CLEANERconcentrate is a safe alternative to hazardous cleaners of the past.This cleaner gives you something that ordinary cleaners can't offer-"DEODORIZING ACTION".  The citrus extracts in this cleaner leave a pleasant, fresh scent that your customers are sure to notice and appreciate.The above directions are flexible rather than specific. In many cases a more diluted solution can be used, while for extreme conditions a less diluted solution may be used.


Do not use on resilient tile, rubber, asphalt or painted wall surfaces.

Use protective gloves and goggles. Do not use near fire, flame, spark or ignition source. Harmful if swallowed.

D'limonene Degreaser Premium Quality CITROSOLV
Packing Size:
25.00 Ltr.
Available Packing Size:

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