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Sodium HypoChlorite 12-15

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A 12% solution is widely used in waterworks for the chlorination of water and a 15% solution is more commonly used for disinfection of waste water in treatment plants. High-test hypochlorite (HTH) is [+] Read More...
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Bleach , fungicide and an oxidizing bleach, Twin Oxide Compound A, Bleach,Hypo,Everchlor,Chloros,Hispec, Bridos,Bleacol,Vo-redox9110 Sodium Hypo Chlorite (12-15%) 05 Ltr

Short Description:
More commonly used for disinfection of waste water in treatment plants. High-test hypochlorite (HTH) is sold for chlorination of swimming pools and contains approximately 30% calcium hypochlorite. The crystalline salt is also sold for the same use; this s
Active Matter:

12 - 15%

Sodium HypoChlorite 12-15
Also used as a disinfectant and germicide , especially in the sterilization of water. It is also used for making wool unshrinkable and in the manufactire of chloroform. For [+] Read More...
Using Procedure:
A weak soln. ( 1.2 % ) is used. For purifying water 0.02 to 0 .2 % volumetric is sufficient for Potable Water Treatment   SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE ACTIVE INGREDIENT:             Sodium Hypochlorite as C [+] Read More...
Note : Store in cool place   UN No :  1791 IMDG CLASS : 8 PACKING GROUP : III ODOUR  : IRRITATING , PUNGENT ODOUR R31: Contact with acids liberates toxic gases R34: Causes burns S-PHRASES S1 [+] Read More...
Technical Specifications:


Parameters Specification Range Typical

Sodium Hypochlorite

as NaOCl (%wt)

12.5 - 13.2 13.0
Available Chlorine (%wt) 11.9 - 12.6 12.4
Available Chlorine (%vol) 14.3 - 15.3 15.0
Available Chlorine grams/liter 143 - 153 150
Excess Caustic (%wt) 0.25 - 0.80 0.30
Specific Gravity @ 60°F 1.197 - 1.220 1.210
pH 12.0 - 13.0 12.50
Iron (Fe) ppm <0.5 0.05
Nickel (Ni) ppm <0.2 0.02
Copper (Cu) ppm <0.2 0.05
Mercury (Hg) ppb 0.001 - 0.003 0.002
Sodium Chloride (NaCl)% <15.0 12.5

Appearance: Clear greenish-yellow liquid miscible in any proportion with water.
This product meets the requirements of NSF standard 60 for drinking water.


-Bleaching: Household bleach is, in general, a solution containing 3–8% sodium hypochlorite, by weight, and 0.01–0.05% sodium hydroxide; the sodium hydroxide is used to slow the decomposition of sodium hypochlorite into sodium chloride and sodium chlorate.

-Cleaning: Sodium hypochlorite has destaining properties. Among other applications, it can be used to remove mould stains, dental stains caused by fluorosis, and stains on crockery, especially those caused by the tannins in tea. It has also been used in laundry detergents and as a surface cleaner.

-Disinfection: Sodium hypochlorite in solution exhibits broad-spectrum anti-microbial activity and is widely used in healthcare facilities in a variety of settings. It is usually diluted in water depending on its intended use. "Strong chlorine solution" is a 0.5% solution of hypochlorite (containing approximately 5000 ppm free chlorine) used for disinfecting areas contaminated with body fluids, including large blood spills (the area is first cleaned with detergent before being disinfected)

-Deodorizing: Sodium hypochlorite has deodorizing properties, which go hand in hand with its cleaning properties.

-Wastewater treatment: Sodium hypochlorite solutions have been used to treat dilute cyanide wastewater, such as electroplating wastes. In batch treatment operations, sodium hypochlorite has been used to treat more concentrated cyanide wastes, such as silver cyanide plating solutions.

-Endodontics: Sodium hypochlorite is the medicament of choice due to its efficacy against pathogenic organisms and pulp digestion in endodontic therapy. Its concentration for use varies from 0.5% to 5.25%. At low concentrations it dissolves mainly necrotic tissue; at higher concentrations, it also dissolves vital tissue and additional bacterial species.

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We offers you the Sodium Hypochlorite in various grades including customized requirements as per client specifications from 3% to 15% of Available Chlorine. Sodium hypochlorite is an excellent steriliser, oxidiser and decolouring agent. It  is used to make disinfectants and a variety of pharmaceutical drugs. It is also widely used for water treatment. We have become a dominant player in the market of offering our clients Sodium Hypochlorite, Processed using best quality compounds, it is the main ingredient in laundry bleach. This chemical is helpful in removing mould and mildew from showers or tubs. It is also used for disinfection and biological control of evaporative cooling systems. It is recommended to store in black containers and away from exposure to sunlight. Sodium Hypochlorite disinfects water in evaporative cooling towers and hot and cold domestic water services. Sodium hypochlorite is most often encountered as a pale greenish-yellow dilute solution commonly known as liquid bleach or simply bleach, a household chemical widely used (since the 18th century) as a disinfectant or a bleaching agent. The compound in solution is unstable and easily decomposes, liberating chlorine, which is the active principle of such products. Indeed, sodium hypochlorite is the oldest and still most important chlorine-based bleach.

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-Highly effective oxidizing biocide
-Unstable and decomposes explosively on heating
-Chlorine-like and sweetish odour

Reduction of skin damage: Dilute bleach baths have been used for decades to treat moderate to severe eczema in humans, but it has not been clear why they work.

Sodium Hypochlorite Solution, 6% : containing 6%w/v Available Chlorine
Sodium Hypochlorite Solution, 12%: containing 12%w/v Available Chlorine

We also offer the material conforming to the requirements
Available Packing Size:30, 60, 220 Kgs.

Sodium HypoChlorite 12-15
Sodium HypoChlorite 12-15
Packing Size:
5.00 Ltr.
Available Packing Size:

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