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Sodium Silicate Water Glass

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Sodium silicate, also called water glass or Soluble Glass, is any one of several compounds containing sodium oxide, Na2O, and silica, Si2O, or a mixture of sodium silicates varying ratios of SiO2 to N [+] Read More...
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Sodium Silicate

Short Description:
We supply both Neutral & Alkaline sodium silicate absolute transparent quality i.e. water white.
Generic Name:
Water Glass or Soluble Glass
Sodium Silicate Water Glass
Silica gel production Builder or anti-soil-redeposition agent for detergent Peroxide stabilizer in bleaching for textile and pulp Solubilizer in ink, flux binder for welding rods Deflocculant for [+] Read More...
Using Procedure:
  Sodium Silicate is a compound mixture of sodium oxide i.e. Na2o with silica sand i.e. Sio2 with water. Sodium silicate is also called water glass. There are two process to manufacture liquid [+] Read More...
PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION CAS NO.  ....... .1344-09-8  EINECS NO... .215-687-4 FORMULA ...... 2Na2O.SiO2 MOL WT.  ........184.04 H.S.CODE....... 2839.19   SODIUM METASILICATE (5H2O) Sodium Metasil [+] Read More...
Technical Specifications:

ANLYSIS PROCEDEURE OF SODIUM SILICATE : Take 5gm of sodium dilute it to 250ml in SMF with dist. Water , take 50 ml of the diluted solution add 2-4 drops of  methyl red indicator.  Then titrate it against IN {approx.}  HCL  Light Pink is the end point. Take this reading as “A” ml. To this solution add 5 gm of sodium fluoride dissolve properly add  6-7 drops of methyl red indicator titrate against IN HCL  appearance of slight pink colour is the end point . Take this reading as “B” ml 



“A”ml  x 3.1 x normality of HCl   = C%

               Wt. Of sample 

For  Sio2

“B”ml  x 15.02 x normality of HCl 

           Wt. Of sample X 10 


Ratio of sodium silicate 


% of SiO         i.e               D%

% of Na2o                          C%


Viscosity-  AS PER IS 3944 B4 CUP 



  • Botanic Potassium Thiocynate ;- dissolve 1.0gm of potassium thiocynate in10ml of water. Add sufficient n-butano to makeup to 100ml. Shake vigorously until the solution is clear.
  • Dilute H2SO4 :- approx.10% 
  • Standard Iron solution : weight 0.702gm of Ferrus Ammonium sulfate. Dissolve in 10ml dilute H2SO4 then make up 1000ml with water. Transfer 10 ml of this solution in 100ml M.Flask and make up 100ml with water. 1ml of this solution is equivalent to 0.01mg of iron 



  • Sample Reading: take about 5gm of the sample accurately weighted. Dissolve it in distilled water and make the solution exactly 100ml. Take 10 ml of this solution add 1ml concentrated Nitric acid. Boil the solution and cool. Then transfer it into a nessler cylinder and add 30mg of Ammonium Persulfate and 15 ml of Botanic Potassium Thiocynate solution. Shake for 30 sec and allow the liquid to separate.
  • Blank reading : take 10 ml distilled water. Add 1ml concentrated Nitric acid boil the solution and cool. Then transfer it into a nesseler cylinder and add 30 mg of Ammonium Persulfate and 15 ml of Botanic Potassium Thiocynate solution . Shake for 30 sec. And allow the liquid to separate. Then add Standard Iron Solution until the colour of Butanol Layers in Both Cylinder (Sample & Blank) 

Iron as Fe (%w)  =  0.001 V



V= Volume in ml of Standard Iron Solution to add in Blank Reading

W= Weight in gm of sample 






Sodium Silicate Liquid Neutral, Sodium Silicate Liquid Alkaline & Sodium Silicate Powder Neutral Manufacturer. We also keeping ready stock of these materials...
Sodium Silicate Liquid Neutral

Sodium Silicate Liquid Alkaline
Sodium Silicate Powder Neutral
Sodium Silicate Powder Alkaline
Sodium Silicate Glass Neutral
Sodium Silicate Glass Alkaline
Silica Gel
Sodium Silicate
Activated Carbon
Sodium Metasilicate
Silicate Chemicals

We are manufacturing and exporting a broad range of  sodium silicate including Activated Carbon, Sodium Metasilicate and Sodium Silicate Glass Neutral. These products are used in Laundry soap, Detergent, Cement, Casting, Precept silica, Zeolite, Construction chemicals, Electrodes, Silica Gel, Oilfield chemicals, Paper making, Paper cones, tubes, Paints, Pigments and Foundry fluxes. 

Our manufacturing unit is situated in Gujarat India.  We are exporting our products in the international market successfully in Netherlands, Iraq, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and UAE, Dammam, Gulf, and Africa.

Sodium Silicate Water Glass
Sodium Silicate Water Glass
Sodium Silicate Water Glass
Sodium Silicate Water Glass
Sodium Silicate Water Glass
Sodium Silicate Water Glass
Sodium Silicate Water Glass
Sodium Silicate Water Glass
Packing Size:
250.00 Kg.(Liq)
Available Packing Size:
280 Kgs Drum. Feel free to ask for 5, 10, 20, 30, 60 Kg packing. We are keeping ready stock at Mumbai, Kandla, Chennai, Vizag, Kolkata, Fujairah, Dubai.
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